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 What is The Intl. Dating & Relationship Institute (TIDRI®)?

 Why Choose TIDRI®?

The "3C" Method

TIDRI® has pioneered this new world of dating and connecting with our unique "3C Method™" - grounded in Chemistry, Connection and Care cuts through the noise and brings fast, effective and thrilling results in people's love lives.


TIDRI® delivers extraordinary, permanent change from isolation, awkwardness and frustration in dating. By giving you the tools to reframe your coachees' core beliefs, values and habits, you will embed new behaviors and communication skills deep into their subconscious.


By providing advanced business and marketing practices - including recording a "featuring you" podcast and creation of your flagship product (!!!), our graduates experience rapid success and instant client flow!

The Most Effective Dating

& Relationship Method in the World!

TIDRI® and it's unique "3C Method™" is gaining global recognition as one of the most effective dating and relationship formulas in the world. Grounded in 30 years of "in the trenches" dating coaching, this system is known for turning even the most unsuccessful bachelor or bachelorette into someone who can finally choose his or her dating destiny rather than wait for something good to happen.

Our coaches are able to show daters how to spark CHEMISTRY, create instant and authentic CONNECTION and bring a level of fundamental human CARE to every encounter, as a practice, as a cultivation of the heart - which of course prepares them for the ultimate prize: real, lasting intimacy.

In this way, our coaches create clients who approach dating with new confidence, humor, depth and open-heartedness. - no matter what may have happened in the past. Our graduates master the ability to help their clients craft exactly the romantic future they most desire.

A complete solution-based system - The 3C Method™ - combines the most effective principles of Psychology, Semiotics, NLP, Communications and Neuroscience to offer unparalleled fast, effective, and long-lasting results.

Become a Successful Dating Coach From Home

You are about to gain access to the most REVOLUTIONARY TECHNIQUES to transform peoples' love lives quickly, powerfully, and permanently. TIDRI® has perfected its 3C Method™ following 30+ years of international professional dating coaching and teaching by its founders.

Thousands of people have experienced the benefits of the 3C Method™ and TIDRI is in the process of training hundreds of certified dating coaches with the tools to change both the love lives of their clients and their own financial lives while they do it.

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Like so many coaches you are devoted to genuinely help people live better lives. Having the skills to guide them into deep connection, intimacy and relationship is a HIGHLY VALUED SKILL that millions of people are looking for. And need! As a TIDRI trained and Certified Licensed Coach, you will now have one of the most valuable and DESIRED coaching skills on the market. You will draw in new classes of clients as well as be able to offer a more COMPREHENSIVE service to your current client list.



One of the unexpected benefits many of our Certified and Licensed Coaches tell us they love is that they themselves become HIGHLY skilled at navigating their own life! The skills you will teach your clients will also serve you! The 3C Method works whether you are on a first date or already in a 10 year relationship. It includes a set of deeply-researched and repeatable practices that add up to a method that creates attraction, depth, excitement, truth and genuine care - for singles and for couples.


The Dating Coaching industry is exploding - and fast! Choose your own hours, you are your own boss, there's no commute, you can have a thriving income with only one or two days a week of coaching, and you can work from home, online. Your work hours are 100% flexible to accommodate your family, your children, your partner and your life. And we will show you proven ways of creating group coaching to multiply your income and maximize your time invested.

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Diana Zoreiley

Arizona, USA

Lloyd Mitchel

California, USA

Adrienne Dworak

Dallas, USA

Diana Zoreiley

Arizona, USA

Can Anyone Become A Successful TIDRI® Coach?

Our TIDRI® Dating & Relationship Coaches Prove it: YES!

Adrienne Dworak


He is BRILLIANT! I was hesitant about joining because there is so much free dating advice out there and so many dating podcasts and summits. During the program, I was blown away by Adam Gilad's Online Dating Profile Methodology for attracting high caliber men! He is BRILLIANT! There is SO MUCH OPPORTUNITY to help single people, especially women, re-write their online dating profiles! I would recommend the program to anyone who wants to save their clients time and energy, and to help clients ATTRACT people who have the high character qualities they are looking for!

Austin Lynch


I now feel like I undertand the dating realm! I was hesitant about teaching people about the dating world in general because I didn't understand it. Yet before I even finished the course, I got one of my clients that I was working with success in the in the dating realm, through self acceptance self growth.
Saria Osorio


I've receive tools that will help me in my own relationship! I was concerned about my relationship in general. I've been on a long term relationship for over seven years and sometimes things are rocking the relationship and I feel like it might be my fault. I wanted to fix them so that's the reason I bacame a certifed dating coach.

Josey Weber


I love the instructors at TIDRI! Even before finishing the program I landed several clients, which was really cool! The instructors provided me the highest-level one-two punch of hardcore coaching techniques PLUS marketing and sales techniques, so I really got off to a great start! I would recommend the Tidri Certification for anyone who is devoted professionally to helping men and women find true happiness. Amazing people. Amazing training. And they stay with you after your certification to make you successful. Can't beat that!"

What Industry Leaders & Acclaimed Public Figures Have Said About TIDRI® Founders Adam Gilad and Adam Lyons

Adam Gilad's fingerprints are all over my success! I learned so much from this man that I became a millionnaire at 24 becuase my content was better than everyones else's out there!"
Alex Maroko

Newport Beach, USA

Become a Successful

Certified Dating Coach


TIDRI® makes the very best of the The 3C Method™ available to all, including doctors, therapists, coaches, counselours, teachers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, novices, parents, homemakers and much more have all successfully transformed lives using the 3C Method™. Now you can too…


Meet Your Lead-Instructors

Adam Gilad, PHD/ABD

Co-Founder of TIDRI - CEO The Bold Life Tribe

Featured on ABC primetime reality show, “How to Get the Guy”. His story as a dating expert begins when his life was thrown into shock at age 39 when after 17 year of marriage, it ended abruptly. He had ZERO idea how to date, had been married since college and his whole life revolved around his family. After his first few months of missteps he discovered that he had a superpower. 

As a PhD student at the Stanford University Humanities Center, he had spent several years analyzing communications as well as teaching creative writing, literature and poetry. He went on to become an Emmy nominated executive producer and Hollywood writer. He understood how language, story-telling and communications worked on a uniquely deep level.

Adam Lyons

Co-Founder of TIDRI - CEO of Psychology Hacker

At 26 years old, he was a janitor, living in the basement of an apartment complex in London. He was terrible at dating and had no prospects for the future. However he had all the time in the world. That’s when he would read everything he could get his hands on about dating. He became so good at connecting and teaching what he learned, that he was featured in multiple documentaries and media including the Steve Harvey show and the Today Show. 

What really frustrated Adam was there were a lot of people hiring him to be their coach who were making so much more money than he did. So he made building a solid business his passion. Systematically, he consulted and trained with several business geniuses, which catapulted him into an easy seven figures, year after year to this day. 

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