TIDRI® Certification

+ Success Coaching

After 30+ years of experience, the founders of TIDRI® have condensed

all their world-class experience and teaching into a

Certification Course + Success Coaching, so that you can get

your coaching skills developed quickly and easily…



+ Success


After 30+ years of experience, the founders of TIDRI® have condensed

all their world-class experience and teaching into a Certification Course + Success Coaching, so that you can get

your coaching skills developed quickly and easily…

RTT® is endorsed by the General Hypnotherapy Register, Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, the National and International Council of Psychotherapists, the American Board of Hypnotherapy, the International Association of Complementary Therapists, plus the International Institute of Complementary Therapies.

Master This Proven Method to Make a Difference in Other People’s Lives And Your Own…

open your mind

Prepare yourself for a proven method from a combined 30+ years of experience and use with TIDRI® Certification + Success Coaching

Coach effectively

Discover how the mind works to bring about rapid and permanent change, studying the psychological drivers behind real client cases.

Practice New skills

Get real-life practical work from day one! Practice the required skills so you can see results and gain valuable experience immediately.

guarantee Success

Get access to a personally assigned Success Coaches who will be by your side through the course to help guide you and support you.

Gain your TIDRI® certification from the comfort of your own home

On a schedule that suits your lifestyle and schedule.

TIDRI® Certification is Unparallelled

The TIDRI® Certification Course will give you the exact process and all the scripts, formulas and systems you’ll need to replicate successful results from each of your future high-paying students. Recreate the same extraordinary results, using proven techniques from TIDRI® Certifications.

TIDRI® Certification Tuition

You don’t need to invest years inexpensive degrees and doctorates to qualify in world-class coaching. Designed to make you successful quickly and efficiently, TIDRI will teach you everything you need to successfully transform lives and get people into happy, satisfying relationships.

Can you imagine…

You choose your own hours, you are your own boss, there's no commute, you can practice one or two days a week, or you can work from home and online. You work hours around your family, your children, your partner and your lives.

Benefits: TIDRI® certification

offers extraordinary value:

  • Earn a higher income, work your own hours. Newly qualified TIDRI® practitioners start by charging on average between $200 and $350+ per session and far more per hour for Group Coaching Sessions.

  • Enjoy a great work-life balance. TIDRI® practitioners have the flexibility to see clients either online or six-feet apart, choosing the hours that best suit them and their families.

  • Ongoing support to succeed. Twice a month you can access live classes and Q&As with TIDRI® Instructors and world-renowned experts, exclusive community support beyond your graduation.

  • ​ABSOLUTELY UNIQUE among coaching schools, TIDRI® includes hands-on, advanced business building training, both during the course and beyond.

TIDRI® is On a Mission To Change The World

One Relationship at a Time…

“Our mission is to make dating easy, fun, happy and effective for both clients and our coaches.”

“Our vision is to revolutionize the world of dating, so no one suffers needlessly in the search for love and connection.”

- The Internation Dating

and Relationship Institute

TIDRI® Course Fee

Flexible payment options are available for TIDRI® Certifications. Built into our course is a step-by-step plan for you to make back your entire investment within 90 days of graduation.


Train online and become a TIDRI® practitioner with a personal Success Coach and get a Full Suite of Dating Coaching and Business Skills - including scripts, coaching units, templates and real-life experience.

Everything You Get With

TIDRI® Certification + Success Coaching:

Apply Now To Join Us On Our Online Training.

  • The proven TIDRI® Dating and Relationship Formula — Following the 3C method™, which lets you identify the underlying causes of any clients’ challenges and help them upgrade their skills to get the dating life they desire.

  • ​How to shift mindset and beliefs— TIDRI® coaches are always amazed when they see how quickly and effectively they can change even the longest-held limiting beliefs. This is because TIDRI® has a very precise and replicable formula to get fast results that last.

  • Specific online and offline dating templates — to help any of our students navigate even the most challenged clients.

  • Simple scripts and frameworks to get results — These step-by-step scripts will make intake easy, each coaching session productive and predictable and assignments easy to follow and achieve.

  • A dedicated Success Coach. You’ll be able to ask your Success Coach any questions you have as you train and they will help you apply your new skills correctly and effectively.

  • Daily Access to Senior Instructors - All Certified graduates are given access to a PRIVATE VIP Group where they can ask any advice or tips they need on the fly.

  • ​Plus much more, including bonus materials.

All Your Questions About TIDRI®

Certification + Success Coaching

1- How Long does my TIDRI Certificaiton Take?

RTT® + mentoring is a 350 hour training course, which can be completed in as little as three months. However, as the flexible online training is available 24/7 you can do it at your own pace, in your own time based on your other commitments. We are there to support you all the way through.

2- Can I learn 3C Method® ?

Anyone who has an interest in helping people can learn RTT®. We have created a 9 step formula for success, which shows you how to replicate Marisa Peer's exact methods and techniques to achieve the same phenomenal results.

3- Does the 3C Method™ work?

People ask us all the time does the 3C method™ work – and we are very proud to say ABSOLUTELY. Both our co-founders have built 7 figure businesses leading both men and women into dating and relationship success. Their combined knowledge of 30 years of on-the-ground coaching is unparalleled. They have been featured in magazines such as Forbes, on TV on the Today Show and ABC’s How to Get The Guy, as well as on hundreds of articles, summits, podcasts and shows. More importantly their students have been in marriages and relationships thanks to their coaching. And many have sought to become dating coaches themselves. Love is both art and science, and TIDRI gives you the blueprint to make both sets of skills work, no matter what challenges your clients face. TIDRI coaches are required to maintain their certification every year, this way we assure that our graduates remain “the best in the business.” When people hire a TIDRI coach, they know they are getting the most skilled and results getting person in the world.

4- How flexible a career is this?

Short answer, yes. We know that many of our students are transitioning out of other jobs and careers, or have home and family requirements. We value parenting and want our students to feel happy and fulfilled. For that reason, we make it a point to accommodate your schedule in your process of completing your course. One of the best things about being a dating coach is you don’t have to make a career out of it! You can be your own boss and make your own schedule. We want you to have that kind of control over your life from the very start! It is GREAT to have a set of skills you can pull out at anytime depending on your lifestyle. You get to keep flexible. Similarly, once you begin the course, you will get set up with your Success Coach to help you throughout. You can do the modules, coaching units and homework on your time as it is delivered digitally. It's a great choice to have the freedom to both train and work flexible hours. For us, it’s the ONLY way to live.

5- Can I truly be my own boss?

Can you? You have to be! Who wants to go through existence living under the thumb of some boss trying to squeeze your genius into a company that you didn’t create, you didn’t design and basically controls your lifestyle!? That’s so 20th Century. The tools to reach 7 billion around the globe are at your fingertips, and millions of them are currently dating. And from our experience, 95% of daters need help BADLY! We love the abundance of high-paying clients crying for dating coaches. This lifestyle allows us to play with our children when we want, take vacations when we want, wake up when we want, go on romantic getaways with those we adore, etc. etc. – you get the point. You will own your time and own your life. Unlike most other certification courses out there, we show you how to be an effective boss for yourself and lead you toward a lifestyle you are happy to have. We give you the best business building and marketing strategies for a newly certified dating coach. Special surprise – so much of your life becomes tax deductible. You'll never need to go back to the rat race again!

6- Is Dating Coaching a rewarding practise?

Dating Coaching is one of the most fun, useful and untapped skills to have in your life and that of your clients! It’s a powerful feeling to see dating as something you have control over. You REALLY can change people’s lives with your coaching, and the MOST IMPORTANT part of their lives too. They come to you frustrated, lost, hopeless and eager to have something they only dreamed of – and you leave them confident, wise, connected and packed with habits that allow them to spark chemistry, create connections and care for others on levels they’ve never experienced or could comprehend. With our 3C method, your clients will get both instant AND lasting results. So on a personal level – this is one of the most rewarding skills you could have in this world. On the professional level – you can have a career that fulfils the lifestyle you always wanted! And yes, few things in this world feel better than having your clients show up with the biggest smile on their face shouting non stop praise of “thank you, thank you, thank you!”

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