TIDRI® Certification

+ Success Coaching

After 30+ years of experience, the founders of TIDRI® have condensed all

their world-class experience of coaching and teaching into a

Certification Course + Business Success Coaching, so that you can get

your coaching skills developed quickly and easily…



+ Success


After 30+ years of experience, the founders of TIDRI® have condensed

all their world-class experience and teaching into a Certification Course + Success Coaching, so that you can get

your coaching skills developed quickly and easily…

RTT® is endorsed by the General Hypnotherapy Register, Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, the National and International Council of Psychotherapists, the American Board of Hypnotherapy, the International Association of Complementary Therapists, plus the International Institute of Complementary Therapies.

Master This Proven Method to Make a Difference in Other People’s Lives And Your Own…


Prepare yourself for a proven method from a combined 30+ years of experience and use with TIDRI® Certification + Success Coaching


Discover how the mind works to bring about rapid and permanent change, studying the psychological drivers behind real client cases.


Get real-life practical work from day one! Practice the required skills so you can see results and gain valuable experience immediately.

guarantee Success!

You will get access to a personal Success Coach who will stay by your side through the course to guide and support you.

Earn your TIDRI® certification from the comfort of your own home

On a schedule that suits your unique lifestyle and schedule.

The TIDRI® Certification is Unparallelled in Results

The TIDRI® Certification Course will give you the exact process and all the scripts, formulas and systems you’ll need to replicate successful results for each of your future high-paying coachees. You will re-create the same extraordinary results over an over again, using the proven techniques and resources included in your TIDRI® Certifications.

TIDRI® Certification Training: Easy, Detailed and Compact

Good news! You don’t need to invest years and years into expensive degrees and doctorates to become a skilled, world-class dating coach. Designed to make you successful quickly and efficiently, TIDRI® will teach you everything you need to successfully transform lives and get people into happy, satisfying dating success and intimate relationships.

With Your TIDRI® Training - You Control Your Life…

You choose your own hours! You are your own boss. There's no commute. You can practice one or two days a week or as much as you want. You can work from home, and run your whole business online if you want. You can arrange work hours around your family, your children, your partner and your dream life.

Your TIDRI® Certification

offers extraordinary value...

  • Earn a higher income, work your own hours. Newly qualified TIDRI® Coaches start by charging on average between $200 and $350+ per session and far more per hour for Group Coaching Sessions.

  • Enjoy a great work-life balance. TIDRI® Coaches have the flexibility to see clients either online or six-feet apart, choosing the hours that best suit them and their families.

  • Ongoing support to succeed. Twice a month you can access live classes and Q&As with TIDRI® Instructors and world-renowned experts, as part of an exclusive community supporting you beyond your graduation.

  • ​ABSOLUTELY UNIQUE among coaching schools, TIDRI® includes hands-on, advanced business-building training, both during the course and beyond.

TIDRI® is On a Mission To Change The World

One Relationship at a Time…

“Our Mission: to make dating easy, fun, happy and effective for both clients and our coaches.”

“Our vision: to revolutionize the world of dating, so no one suffers needlessly in the search for love and connection.”

- The International Dating

and Relationship Institute

TIDRI® Course Tuition

Flexible payment options are available for TIDRI® Certifications. Built into our course is a step-by-step plan for you to quickly make back your entire investment within 90 days of graduation.


Train online and become a TIDRI® practitioner with a personal Success Coach and master the full suite of Dating Coaching and Business Skills.

Everything You Get With

TIDRI® Certification + Success Coaching:

Apply Now To Join Us On Our Online Training.

  • The proven TIDRI® Dating and Relationship Formula — Following the 3C method™, which lets you identify the underlying causes of any clients’ challenges and help them upgrade their skills to get the dating life they desire.

  • ​How to shift mindset and beliefs— TIDRI® coaches are always amazed when they see how quickly and effectively they can change even the longest-held limiting beliefs. This is because TIDRI® has a very precise and replicable formula to get fast results that last.

  • Specific online and offline dating templates — to help any of our students navigate even the most challenged clients.

  • Simple scripts and frameworks to get results — These step-by-step scripts will make intake easy, each coaching session productive and predictable and assignments easy to follow and achieve.

  • A dedicated Success Coach. You’ll be able to ask your Success Coach any questions you have as you train and they will help you apply your new skills correctly and effectively.

  • Daily Access to Senior Instructors - All Certified graduates are given access to a PRIVATE VIP Group where they can ask any advice or tips they need on the fly.

  • ​Plus much more, including bonus materials.

All Your Questions About TIDRI®

Certification + Success Coaching

1 - How Long does the TIDRI® Certification Take?

The core training is a 12-week course, which you will go through each module 1-by-1 with the guidance of your assigned Success Coach. Each week is a deep dive into one element of dating coaching, each building on the last. By the time you graduate, you will have the skills necessary to control a successful dating coaching business. If you are extremely busy and want to do a class every two weeks, we will absolutely accommodate you. We are here to support your success, on your time. 12 weeks is the minimum.

Unlike most other coaching programs, we do not abandon you after you have finished the training! Just the opposite! We provide ongoing coaching and business training for an entire year! Your success is our success, so we are dedicated to your success 100%!

2- What is The 3C Method and does it work?

People ask us all the time. The 3C Method is our summarized formula to understand how healthy dating and relationships are formed and maintained. Both our co-founders have built 7-figure businesses leading both men and women into dating and relationship success using the 3C Method. Their combined knowledge of 30 years of on-the-ground coaching is the experience that makes the 3C Method tested and confirmed to work for anyone. Love is both art and science, and the 3C Method gives you the blueprint to make both work in harmony.

TIDRI® coaches are required to maintain their certification every year, this is to ensure our coaches are acquiring new skills and keeping up to date with the latest knowledge of a professional dating coach. When people hire a TIDRI® certified coach, they rest assure they are getting the most expert dating coach in the world.

3 - Is the training flexible?

Short answer, yes. We know that many of our students are transitioning out of other jobs and careers, or have home and family requirements. We value parenting and want our students to feel happy and fulfilled. For that reason, we make it a point to accommodate your schedule in your process of completing your course.

We want you to have that kind of control over your life from the very start!

You can do the modules, coaching units and homework on your time as it is delivered digitally. For us, flexibility is the ONLY way to live.

5- Can I truly be my own boss?

Can you? You have to be! Who wants a freakin' boss? That’s so 20th Century. The tools to reach 7 billion around the globe are at your fingertips, and billions of them are currently dating! And from our experience, 95% of daters need help BADLY! There is a huge abundance of high-paying clients seeking dating coaches today

We want you to work your own hours, so that you can play with your children when you want, take vacations when you want, wake up when you want, go on romantic getaways with those you adore, etc. etc.

You will own your time and own your life. Unlike most other certification courses out there, we ALSO give you the best business building and marketing strategies to grow your business.

6- Is Dating Coaching a Rewarding Career?


Helping people find LOVE?

Helping people overcome fear and anxiety, frustration and loneliness - and learning how to connect with partners?

We have found that the focus of being a dating coach is the happiest, most rewarding career we've ever had! The thank you notes! The wedding invitations! The tears of joy when your clients finally break through and create genuine passion and love - it's priceless. And you will build a library of memories you'll never want to forget.

You REALLY can change people’s lives with your coaching, and in the MOST IMPORTANT part of their lives! They come to you lost, hopeless and eager to have something they only dreamed of – and you leave them confident, wise, connected and supplied with tools, habits and mindset shifts that allow them to finally spark chemistry, create connections and care for others on levels they’ve never experienced or could even comprehend.

With our 3C method, your clients will get both instant AND lasting results. On a personal level – this is one of the most rewarding skills you could have in this world. On the professional level – it's lucrative and 100% flexible.

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  • Get answers to any questions you may have about the TIDRI® course & tuition.

  • ​Discover the EXACT reason why the TIDRI® training and method is so powerful - and start an exciting new career path!
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